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1st Competition



 Data Set









 One account per participant

  • -You cannot sign up to DACON from multiple accounts and therefore you cannot submit from multiple accounts.

 No private sharing outside teams

  • -Privately sharing code or data outside of teams is not permitted.
    It's okay to share code if made available to all participants on the forums.

 Submission Limits

  • -Submission is limited to five times a day on weekdays.

 Competition Timeline

  • -13 Aug. PM 5:00 ~ 13 Sep. PM 5:00


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 Data files


  • train.csv : a transaction history of credit card sales  (01/08/2016 ? 31/07/2018, 2 years).
  • test.csv : same format with training data. The same store_id in this file and the train.csv
    doesn't mean that they are the same store. Each store has at least 5 days data per month.

  • submission.csvconsists of two columns: store_id and total sales. ‘store_id’ here is equivalent to the ‘store_id’ from the test.csv above.

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    SNU DSAIL and Funda will evaluate submitted sales prediction files by you
     and Dacon site will operate this competition.

    * SNU DSAIL: Seoul National University Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab
                        (서울대학교 데이터-인공지능 연구소)